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Website leak exposes sensitive data of 85 million Turkish residents: report

Medya News reports: Sensitive personal data of Turkish citizens and residents of Turkey has been compromised, according to the Free Web Turkey, a platform dedicated to combating internet censorship in the country. On Friday, the platform exposed the existence of a website called Sorgu Paneli, which allows unrestricted access to personal data such as identification...

Switzerland fears government data stolen in cyberattack by PLAY threat actors

AFP reports: Switzerland said Thursday that government operational data might have been stolen in a cyberattack on the technology firm that provides software for several departments. “Xplain, a Swiss provider of government software, has been the victim of a ransomware attack. After the stolen data had been encrypted and the company blackmailed, the attackers posted some...

Members of the public among those affected by massive N.S. cyberattack

Jean Laroche reports on the impact of the MOVEit breach by Clop threat actors on people in Nova Scotia: The Nova Scotia government revealed Friday that cyber criminals made off with the private information of tens of thousands of people, including high school students, short-term accommodation owners, newborns and people issued parking tickets in the Halifax...

Asylum Ambuscade hackers mix cybercrime with espionage

Bill Toulas reports: A hacking group tracked as ‘Asylum Ambuscade’ was observed in recent attacks targeting small to medium-sized companies worldwide, combining cyber espionage with cybercrime. The particular threat group, believed to have been operational since at least 2020, was first identified by Proofpoint in a March 2022 report that focused on a phishing campaign against...

Intellihartx notifies 490,000 patients of Fortra/GoAnywhere breach

Quick update: Intellihartx LLC in Tennessee is notifying 489,830 of its clients’ patients about the Fortra/GoAnywhere breach by Clop. The types of information that may have been compromised include name, address, medical billing and insurance information, certain medical information such as diagnoses and medication, and demographic information such as date of birth and Social...