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Hackers attack Indian healthcare website, steal 6.8 million records

IANS reports: New Delhi: In a startling revelation, US-based cyber security firm FireEye said on Thursday that hackers broke into a leading India-based healthcare website, stealing 68 lakh records containing patient and doctor information. Without naming the website, FireEye said cyber criminals — mostly China-based — are directly selling data stolen from healthcare organisations...

Hackers Leaked Sensitive Government Data in Argentina—and Nobody Cares

Eugenia Lostri reports: On Monday, Aug. 12, hackers leaked 700 GB of data obtained from the government of Argentina, including confidential documents, wiretaps and biometric information from the Argentine Federal Police, along with the personal data of police officers. The Twitter account of the Argentine Naval Prefecture was hacked as well, and used not...

Hackers Targeting Healthcare with Financially Motivated Cyberattacks

Jessica Davis reports: Healthcare organizations are increasingly being targeted with financially motivated cyberattacks by hackers attempting to gain access to valuable patient records and others sensitive information, according to FireEye researchers. While it’s been clear for some time that hackers have targeted the healthcare sector given many providers operate on outdated or unsupported systems,...

AU: Call for formal probe into Barwon Health privacy breach

Bay 93.9 reports: There are calls for an independent investigation after sensitive medical records were found on a Geelong street. The documents included data about dementia and mental health patients and contained information including names, conditions, medication, behaviours and even toileting habits. Barwon Health has apologised to residents and families involved in the breach....