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Latest News

Snapchat, Amex sites abused in Microsoft 365 phishing attacks

Sergiu Gatlan reports: Attackers abused open redirects on the websites of Snapchat and American Express in a series of phishing attacks to steal Microsoft 365 credentials. Open redirects are web app weaknesses that allow threat actors to use the domains of trusted organizations and websites as temporary landing pages to simplify phishing attacks. Read more...

Leaked image shows ransomware attack hit Linn-Mar School District

Adam Carros and Ethan Stein report: Leaked screenshots show the Linn-Mar School District is dealing with a ransomware attack much more severe than the “technical difficulties” the district has described to staff and parents. A staff member shared with TV9 screenshots from district computers showing a warning message stating “all your files have been...

New GwisinLocker ransomware encrypts Windows and Linux ESXi servers

This site generally doesn’t cover or announce new types of ransomware, but this one targets the healthcare sector, so….  Bill Toulas reports: A new ransomware family called ‘GwisinLocker’ targets South Korean healthcare, industrial, and pharmaceutical companies with Windows and Linux encryptors, including support for encrypting VMware ESXi servers and virtual machines. The new malware...

Wordfly customers begin to disclose ransomware attack on the vendor

Wordfly is a digital marketing platform that offers email, SMS marketing, forms and surveys for its clients to use with their customers or contacts. On July 10, Wordfly experienced a ransomware attack that encrypted their environment and disrupted services until July 29, when their status account tweeted: WordFly has returned to service. Thank you...