May 202019

Jayed Rahman of the Paterson Times is likely loving work these days, with the Paterson schools giving the paper — and the reporter — lots of imprudent statements to report on.  In today’s installment, it sounds like the district’s superintendent is walking back a perceived threat to sue the paper for basically committing journalism. After […]

May 192019

The Canadian Press reports: The RCMP says a Canadian-based company that peddled an illicit trove of 1.5 billion user names and associated passwords has pleaded guilty to criminal charges. In a news release, the Mounties say Defiant Tech Inc. admitted in court Friday to trafficking in identity information and possession of property obtained by crime […]

May 182019

Sergiu Gatlan reports: Over 12,000 unsecured MongoDB databases have been deleted over the past three weeks, with only a message left behind asking the owners of the databases to contact the cyber-extortionists to have the data restored. Although not on this scale, these types of attacks targeting publicly accessible MongoDB databases have happened since at least early-2017 [1, 2, […]