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Revenge telecom hacking by DESORDEN Group; third attack threatened

DESORDEN Group has added a new transparency demand to their attacks against Malaysian entities: victims must disclose the breach publicly if they have not paid the attackers. If the victim doesn’t disclose and Malaysian media does not report the incident, Malaysia should expect more breaches. The added demands arose after DESORDEN claimed they spent...

Albania weighed invoking NATO’s Article 5 over Iranian cyberattack

Maggie Miller reports: Albania was hit by cyberattacks earlier this year so debilitating that the government considered invoking a NATO declaration that could have pulled all member states into confrontation with Iran, Prime Minister Edi Rama said. It would have been the first time a NATO member state used a cyberattack to invoke Article...

WA: Columbia River Mental Health Services discloses long-running breach

Columbia River Mental Health Services in Vancouver, Washington has issued a press release about a breach that went undetected for approximately one year. From  their press release: Columbia River Mental Health Services (“CRMHS”) recently became aware of suspicious activity related to certain CRMHS email accounts.  CRMHS immediately launched an investigation, with the assistance of...

Third servicer entangled in massive data breach litigation

Andrew Martinez reports: The legal fallout from a massive data breach impacting over 4 million borrowers’ personally identifiable information just got bigger. A federal judge Monday ordered a class action lawsuit against Community Loan Servicing be folded into a larger, similar suit against two of its sister companies, according to court records. The consolidated complaints...

Former Uber security chief found guilty of covering up data breach

Maria Dinzeo reports: In a verdict with far-reaching implications for security chiefs nationwide, a federal jury convicted Uber’s former head of security Joe Sullivan on Wednesday of concealing a 2016 data breach from authorities and obstructing an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission into Uber’s security practices. Sullivan had only been on the job...

Hacker in Massive Capitol One Data Breach Gets Probation

Steven Musil reports: The hacker responsible for the massive 2019 data breach of Capital One has been sentenced to time served and five years of probation. US District Judge Robert S. Lasnik said sentencing former Amazon systems engineer Paige Thompson to time in prison would have been “particularly difficult on her because of her mental health...

City of Tucson discloses data breach affecting over 125,000 people

Sergiu Gatlan reports: The City of Tucson, Arizona, has disclosed a data breach affecting the personal information of more than 125,000 individuals. As revealed in a notice of data breach sent to affected people, an attacker breached the city’s network and exfiltrated an undisclosed number of files containing sensitive information. Read more at Bleeping...