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UK: Wentworth Golf Club members informed of hack

Golf Punk reports: The exclusive Wentworth Club in Surrey home to the European Tour has suffered a data breach with membership data stolen. The club’ membership, which reads like a whos who of the rich and famous, has been informed by the club and asked to remain vigilant. The entire membership of over 4,000...

FIN11 e-crime group shifted to CL0P ransomware and big game hunting

Derek B. Johnson reports: The financially motivated FIN11, which increasingly incorporated CL0P ransomware into their operations in 2020, appeared to rely on low-effort volume techniques like spamming malware for initial entry, but put a substantial amount of effort into each follow-up compromise. “Several of their recent ransom notes explicitly name data stolen from workstations...

TX: Hendrick: Computer network breach compromised some patients’ information

Laura Gutschke reports: Hendrick Health System on Friday began notifying patients that some identifying information may have been compromised during a network security breach identified  Nov. 20. An investigation determined that patient information may have been accessible between Oct. 10 and Nov. 9, the release said, including patient names, Social Security numbers, demographic and other...

Wisconsin Medicaid information accessed by unauthorized individual

Devin Willems reports: Gainwell Technologies announced that someone may have gained unauthorized access to some participants’ information in Wisconsin’s Medicaid program. According to a release, an unauthorized individual gained access to an account starting on Oct. 29, 2020, that may have exposed the names, member identification numbers and billing codes for services received of...

Cn: 30 Firms Reprimanded Over Data Privacy Violations in Guangdong

Regulation Asia reports: The Guangdong Communications Administration ordered 30 firms including banks and securities firms to fix the breaches and revamp their mobile phone apps. China’s GDCA (Guangdong Communications Administration) has reprimanded 30 banks, financial services and fintech firms for unauthorised data access and collection through their mobile phone apps, the SCMP reports. The GDCA alleges...