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De: Another data breach in COVID-19 test centers

Jana Ballweber reports (translation) After glaring security deficiencies in the IT of Corona test centers became known in March, thousands of test results including personal data could be found online again. Security experts from the “Zerforschung” group managed to view the names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, email addresses and test results of over 14,000 people tested from centers in...

Br: Leak exposes 1.7 TB of customer data from Brazilian fintech iugu

Felipe Demartini reports (translation): A serious security breach exposed the information of, it is believed, all customers of the iugu services company, which operates in Brazil through financial management and automation systems. Users’ personal, banking and transaction data was available on an unprotected server for at least an hour. The discovery is by security...

Ca: Durham Region hit by cyberattack

Durham Radio News reports: Durham Region has been hit by a recent cyberattack and experts are working to figure out what information may have been compromised. That’s according to a statement from the region, which can be read below. They say the vulnerability has since been addressed and the regional systems have been secured....

SG: Possible data breach involving 62,000 e-mails sent to Certis

Kenny Chee reports: About 62,000 e-mails from the public, businesses and customers of local security firm Certis, some containing NRIC and credit card numbers, may have been accessed by cyber criminals, the company said on Friday (April 9). This includes customers of Certis’ safe deposit box service. The e-mails all came from a customer...

Maine Enacts NAIC-Inspired Cybersecurity Law

Heather McArn,  Bryant Roby Jr. and Judith Selby of Hinshaw write: Maine has become the latest state to adopt a version of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) model cybersecurity law. Signed into law on March 17, 2021, the Maine Insurance Data Security Act establishes investigation procedures, data security program standards, and notification requirements for...

In Memoriam, Kurt Wimmer

One of the most important contributors to this blog will be laid to rest this morning, and I am absolutely gutted. For more than one decade, Kurt Wimmer was this blog and this blogger’s First Amendment defender and counsel. It was only with Kurt’s pro bono help and that of Jason Criss, and their...