0x00sec – Security Incident Notification – September 30th 2020

Dear 0x00sec Users,

We are writing to you with important information regarding a recent security incident involving your personal information from https://0x00sec.org 12. We became aware of the incident September 7th, 2020, when a security researcher from Thug Crowd privately disclosed to us that our S3 bucket containing database backups was publicly accessible. The S3 bucket was publicly accessible for a total of 63 days, from July 6th – September 7th, 2020, and contained usernames, email addresses, direct messages and salted PBKDF2 password hashes.

[Although we are unaware of any actual misuse of your information, we are providing notice to you and other potentially affected users about the incident.]

Read more of their explanation and notice on 0x00sec.org.

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