1.5GB Documents leaked from Azerbaijan Ministry of Communications and IT

ministry-of-communications-and-information-technologies Anonymous hacktivist have announced a large leak of documents from the Azerbaijan Ministry of Communications and IT (https://mincom.gov.az). The announcement of the data was first made on the 11th april with a teaser released and now they have released the complete documents which are being hosted on par-anoia along with the following message which gives a little insight into the documents that can be found in the leak > Today we represent you a delayed delivery from Azerbaijan, obtained from the server of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The documents contain a variety of information showing interesting ties between all kinds of strange corporations, government agencies and officials. For instance there is ominous CFC Consulting & Trading Inc. which is suspected to finance terror organizations, yet has ties to US and Russian Government agencies as well as the the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action" (ANAMA, anama.gov.az), as this document shows. Similar ties were shown in our previous release from Azerbaijan, which you can find below Furthermore you will find gems like confidential manuals of GPS tracking devices, restricted reports and communications between various officials and of course the usual passport scans. You can check out a preview of the material here. As usual, the vast majority of the material has not been assessed yet and further interested finds will be posted at this location. Feel free to browse all the material or download the entire archive using the links below.

The leaked data is 1.4GB compressed and contains 8 folders full of different types of files including XLS, PDF, docs, images and others. index-of-assessment-az-mincom-dodlog008 Once time permits a full release will be released of the contents within this leak but from a quick look over it appears there is information relating to joint country missions and information and charts related to the delivery of items for these missions. Not all the documents appear to be in English which once again is going to make this hard to go over. Release: https://www.par-anoia.se/releases2013.html#dmx Imgur preview: https://imgur.com/a/dXD91#0 View files: https://www.par-anoia.se/assessment/az/mincom/ Imgur gallery preview:

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