100+ Sites hacked and defaced by Anonymous Pakistan

xpreAnonymous Pakistan hackers have attacked and left over 100 sites defaced. The attack was announced to pastebin with a large list of sites, many of which had been duplicated leaving just over 100 genuine defaces and has been carried out by xPerf3cti0n. The attacks hasn’t focused on any particular country or server and leaves sites from new zealand, america, china, Saudi and more. the defacement has a small message for the sites administration.

Dear Admin: Your website has been hacked for various reasons. We at Anonymous Pakistan beleive in free-awareness. We hack for a reason. Do not forget us, for we will be back. We are Anonymous Pakistan. Remember us. Anonymous Pakistan | xPerf3cti0n

Full list of sites can be found on pastebin, remember many of them are duplicated. At time of publishing all sites appear to still be defaced, giving its the weekend now in many country’s its unlikely these will be restored any time before Monday.

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