100+ Sites hacked for #OpIsrael after day 2

hacked-by-saccafrazi-hayateJust 2days in to a new anonymous operation against Israel for the on going attacks against Palestine there have been over 100 sites hacked by various hackers. So far most of the hacking and attacks are in the form of defacing or DDoS attacks with web hives.AS well as these attacks anonymous hacktivist and telecomix have been working hard at making sure everyone has internet regardless of what the governments attempt to do to censor them. The majority of attacks on the sites so far have come from twitter user @AnonymousGrupo who has posted a pastebin file that contains a list of 85 sites that have been defaced, many of which are still at time of publishing. Gallery of defacing and other related #OpIsrael stuff. Other sites that appear to of been targeted are 1. tel-aviv.gov.il
2. itrade.gov.il
3. huji.ac.il
4. idf.il
5. idfblog.com
6. carmeldeshe.co.il
7. pmo.gov.il
8. yaelistudio.com
9. hispin.org.il
10. gltisrael.com
11. d3d.co.il/
12.  mor-space.co.il
13. www.cyber-ma.com
14. littner.co.il
15. merkava.org.il
16. tzurmanagement.com/

Anonymous have also released an update post via pastebin with details on the operation as well as news links, links to staying on line and the care package they are providing. It also has a list of defaced or hacked websites, many of which are restored. 1. https://www.rom.org.il
2. https://www.datinet.co.il/index.html
3. https://dannydanon.com
4. https://falcon-s.co.il
5. https://www.kosherest.co.il/index.htm
6. https://e-yoman.co.il/var | https://operator.co.il/var | https://p-tzofit.co.il/var | https://e-tzofit.co.il/var | https://www.tzofit.co.il/var
7. https://d3d.cwo.il
8. https://mor-space.co.il/he
9. https://www.cyber-ma.com/isreal.html
10. https://littner.co.il / https://iconcept.co.il / https://danybarshay.co.il / https://filtuna.co.il
11. https://iiamo.co.il
12. https://advocate-israel.com
13. https://deplus.co.il/home
14. https://hilulla.co.il / https://gan-pazit.co.il / https://almagorswishes.org.il
15. https://www.dolevltd.co.il/fuk_isreal.asp / https://shaked.co.il/fuk_isreal.asp / https://openspace1.co.il/fuk_isreal.asp / https://www.g-2.co.il/fuk_isreal.asp

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