1,000,000 Accounts Leaked By Hannibal in retaliation for #OpIsrael

Well known hacker Hannibal has released a pastebin document that is making some claims that are sure to hit headlines around the world within hours. The pastebin file contains a message which is to the public and Anonymous hacktivist who have been involved in the attacks on Israeli governments and public websites over the last week in support to Gaza from air strike attacks. Hannibal makes some very outrageous claims in this release such as they are the best hackers in the world and they attempt to remind everyone who they are with the attacks on Arabic emails early in the year. In the message Hannibal also warns anonymous hackers to be careful and that they have leaked 1 million accounts from Americans in retaliation to the attacks on Israel, The leaked file has been uploaded to various file sharing sites and is a 25.4MB RAR file which contains a text file named Punished_By_Hannibal.txt which is 134 MB and contains 6,766,984 lines with each set of leaked data as below. (has been edited )

UserID:  Password: E-mail address: @hotmail.com Security question:  Security answer: 

1mil We are currently starting to process this data and will get results out asap. Release message from Hannibal contains some graphic language but here it is anyway,

** Be careful, here are the biggest cyber attack in the United States ** Since last January, after the Arabs hacked Israeli credit cards (0xOmar And His Friends lol) , That’s why the Arabs received my punishment – I’ve posted over 1,000,000 Facebook accounts of Arabs. After I had attacked them very strong, they stopped attacking Israeils. I went to sleep for a while, I woke up, What the hell? Lately, Anonymous Group attacked for no reason Israeli websites and stuff. Do you want to play with me, Anonymous Group? Do you have forgotten that Israel stands alongside the world’s best hacker – Hannibal ??? Who the hell you think you are? I’ll fuck you. I AM HANNIBAL. I am the best hacker in the world, all Americans who do not know who I am, just Google it www.google.com/search?btnG=1&pws=0&q=Hannibal+ Hacker Anonymous Group, Do you want to mess with me? Be careful of me. I’ll ruin your life if you continue I will post Personal information of Anonymous group members, I will send you to prison, I’ll Fucl y0u tight. Today because the games did Anonymous Group, Americans will receive my punishment. I’m post now about 1,000,000 American Accounts, emails,password,userid, security questions, security answers, and stuff. Download links – https://www.crocko.com/64D624E250D84485B5E608D0E83A5125/Punishment_Hannibal.rar https://bayfiles.com/file/t3G9/sggNJm/Punishment_Hannibal.rar https://d01.megashares.com/dl/BkIGYNc/Punishment_Hannibal.rar https://freakshare.com/files/2ae2mwy3/Punishment_Hannibal.rar.html https://www.fileswap.com/dl/bj2lJBqK0I/Punishment_Hannibal.rar.html https://bitshare.com/files/azfva1wt/Punishment_Hannibal.rar.html https://fileshare.in.ua/6914961 https://www.filedropper.com/punishmenthannibal_1 https://depositfiles.com/files/ekq5n6y19 It’s nothing compared to what I have. Anonymous Group, Be careful of me. Hannibal.

Results of virus scan of leak download can be viewed here

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