108,377 Accounts leaked from NewSea Sims

images Today a hacker using the handle Game Over has leaked another lot of data that comes from a sims based website. The site, Newseasims.com was breached some time this week and the leak was announced late yesterday on social network twitter. > 116,000 Emails, Usernames and Passwords (Cleartext) Hacked – jollyroger.es/116000 – NewSeaSims Hacked #GameOver — Game Over (@ThisIsGame0ver) April 20, 2013

The leaked data is being hosted on Game Overs website and contains 108,377 Non duplicated accounts with user names, email addresses and clear text passwords. The fact the site has so many registered users is a worry they store this information in clear text but its not the first time we have seen this as its become more common over recent months. No doubt most of the accounts belong to younger generation and are possible emails made for game usage only. Source: https://jollyroger.es/116000

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