10gig of Police data leaked by anonymous

Shooting Sheriff Saturday, much like fuck FBI Friday is targeting police. This release seems to be targeting police with over 10gb of emails being leaked. On the pre release page at pastehtml is a link to the Bob Marley- I Shot the Sheriff, video on youtube as wel as a link to a 4mb download that is named PedoSheriff.tar.gz. in that file was a few pics of teenage girls in swimwear. The pre leak also contains a fair few personal details for police, with them already suffering from harrasment from other hackers. the details was pasted on the pre leak site The also thanked? the police for donating to a ACLU, before telling them to be wise and donate to real foundations. with an example of a donation to the EFF. Shortly after they anonymous announce the leak was going to be a bit longer as they was making a website for the email spool. "The release is being delayed because there will be not only a torrent but web access and a search engine for the mail spoolz". Then the leak happened…. [] ORIGINAL DEFACEMENT: https://zone-h.org/mirror/id/14515221) [] BROWSE THE LEAK: https://vv7pabmmyr2vnflf.onion/ (ON TOR) https://vv7pabmmyr2vnflf.tor2web.com/ (NOT TOR) [] DONATE BITCOINS: 18NHixaoQekQJ3y52aBGJJwgBWX9X3myYR The booty contains: [] Over 300 mail accounts from 56 law enforcement domains [] Missouri Sheriff account dump (mosheriffs.com) 7000+ usernames, passwords, home addresses, phones and SSNs [] Online Police Training Academy files PDFs, videos, HTML files [] "Report a Crime" snitch list compilation (60+ entries) [] Plesk plaintext server passwords (ftp/ssh, email, cpanel, protected dirs) https://vv7pabmmyr2vnflf.tor2web.org/

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