110,000 customers of CitySights NY notified of credit card breach

Lawyers for Twin America LLC (d/b/a CitySights NY) have notified the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office that an SQL injection attack on their client’s web server resulted in the acquisition of 110,000 customers’ credit card data.

The security breach was discovered on or about October 25, when the firm’s web programmer noticed that unauthorized script had been uploaded to the server.  The script appeared to have been uploaded on or about September 26, and between that date and October 19, there were a number of accesses to the customer database.

According to the notification letter, the database contained unencrypted customer information:  names, addresses, email addresses, credit card numbers, card expiration dates, and CVV2 data.

The company indicated that notifications would be sent to those affected on or about December 10, and that all those affected were being offered free credit monitoring and identity theft insurance.

A number of steps were taken following discovery of the breach to harden security including, but not limited to, restricting access to the database to a few approved IPs and  installing an applications firewall.

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