110,000 Personal details obtained, Clarksville Servers hacked by .c0mrade

HAcker .c0mrade has announced that they have hacked a server that holds information for the population of Clarksville, Tennessee and as a result they have obtained 110,000 peoples personal details and information. The hack has not got any data leaking public for fear that innocent people will get hurt/hacked. .c0mrade has posted the below pictures and message via pastebin which explains why this has been done.

Clarksville, Tennessee Population: 132,929 We’ve managed to pull 110,000 records out of 132,929. Data that was pulled attains Social Security Numbers, Date Of Birth, Telephone Number, Full Name and more. We don’t want to cause an economical blow. With that being said, these records won’t be trafficking on the Internet nor will you see it being sold on the Black Market as we don’t want the risk the safety of innocent children and hard-working Adults. We will provide proof, though.

So as you can see, not every hack results in public information being leaked, but alot do and .c0mrade is one of the few who is doing the right thing and keeping this data from public eyes, We can confirm this data does exists as we have seen it as well but once again it will not be going public.

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