14,000 LAZ Parking employees have W-2 data stolen

Phillip Molnar reports on yet another breach of employee W-2 data via phishing:

The tax and revenue information for roughly 14,000 employees of the third-largest parking company in the nation, which operates in San Diego and Los Angeles, may have been stolen by an “unknown individual,” the company says.

LAZ Parking said Tuesday that the W-2 information of its employees had been compromised. The company was doing everything it could to make sure it did not happen again, including hiring cyber security specialists, a spokeswoman said.

Read more on San Diego Union-Tribune.

And yes, as Steve Ragan gently hinted to me on Twitter, it would be easier for y’all if I had an actually “phishing” category for this site. Consider it done, although I won’t be backfilling most of the data. Continue using the search box for “phish” for older incidents.

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