1440+ Sites taken offline by h4x0r HuSsY (VOBHH)

hacked-by-h4x0r-hussy-vobhh Voice of black hat hackers member h4x0r HuSsY who in the past has attacked many different sites has tipped us of to a large scale attack that has been carried out over the past few days. As normally with VOBHH the attack is defacement based and contains a short message as well as a new message which is related to the on going hate for America over the recent Muslim video. At time of publishing all the sites appeared to be offline but mirrors can be found here and here

[+] WE ARE The Voice Of Black Hat Hackers [+] [+] ?WE RESPECT EVERY RELIGION, THEN THE HELL CAN YOU INSULT OUR RELIGION [+] Message : [-] Israel is a cancerous tumour in this world We will wipe this tumour soon from cyberspace Israel has no right to exist in this world [+] STOP US USA AND ISRAEL IF YOU CAN [+]

The message is very brutal and is coming assisting to spread the word of the recent hike in the hate for America since the release of a certain video that has sparked violence and hate from all corners of the word. With attacks like these on the rise in the recent week i can see no end to this any time soon at all, the attacks from this part of the world have been on going for the past  few years and things only seem to be getting worse while each side grows its cyber army’s using modern methods such as social networking. Full list of sites breached here: https://pastebin.com/xVz364W6

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