150 Sites Hacked By Bangladesh Cyber Army

hacked-by-evil-axe A member of the Bangladesh Cyber Army has dropped two pastebin posts with a total of 150 sites that have been recently hacked and left defaced. The member Evil aXe has managed to gain access to all the sites and add a new page named aXe.htm so its not a main page defacement. At time of publishing some of the sites had been restored (deleted the file) but most were still currently defaced at time og publishing > [#] [email protected] : Your system GoT 0wn3d By Evil aXe ( X0ne ) ! Bangladesh Cyber Army !!

Escape X0ne
[#] Greets: | All the members and cr3w of team BCA |

The Bangladesh Cyber Army has been attacking india in cyber space for quite some time now and out of these 150 sites it appears at least 100 of them belong to india which is only adding fuel to an on going cight. 50 more sites: https://pastebin.com/B6U05GLm 100 more sites: https://pastebin.com/VVpTVpNM

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