15,000 data files of Taiwanese nationals possibly hacked: Govt

Joseph Yeh reports:

They claimed that no nationals had yet reported that they were victimised due to the hack.

Speaking at an emergency press event, Winston Chung, deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA), apologised to the public at an emergency press conference, saying that the possible leak was due to hacker’s intrusion to its email system.

The bureau has recently found irregularities on its email account that serves as contact window to 117 Taiwanese overseas offices around the world, Chung said.

BOCA promptly launched probes into the matter and found that unidentified hackers may have stolen the email account passwords and were therefore able to access emails the bureau had sent to its overseas offices over the past three months.

These emails contained personal information of Taiwanese travellers planning to travel overseas, including their names, personal ID numbers, cellphone and passport numbers and addresses.


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