150,000 Accounts Leaked From CustomCoD By @GoogleSWE

@GoogleSWE Has posted a dumped to ozdc.net that contains an extremely large amount of users for a very well known and popular gaming forum based on the popular COD(call fo duty) game series. The website, CustomCoD.com(https://www.customcod.com) was hacked some time recently and a small preview of data was leaked onto pastebin with a link to the sites complete data thats been extracted from the hack. The database file is a SQL file that contains all the administrations, users, polls, posts, metas and other information from the sites php nuke setup. The leaked data is also from an older database so some/many accounts many not be active anymore of details changed.

CustomCod.com – A call of duty modding community – Hacked There is no real reason, or motivation. I do think this is a fun little hack though. But Maybe they should mod their own security… Note: This is a old hack, So its not the most recent database.

The leaked data has 150 ,000 rows of user accounts as well as 5 administration accounts and temp accounts as well. All accounts have encrypted passwords, but being a php nuke setup this encryption is known to be fairly weak and easy to crack. The leak also contains all the users names, emails and other account related information. We are currently processing the data via ozdc.net so be sure to use it to check if your account was leaked in the near future https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2284 https://pastebin.com/6sdZuC2S

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