160,000 resumes on Chinese recruitment site Zhilian allegedly exposed and leaked

Cyrus Lee reports:

Zhilian Zhaopin, one of the top job recruitment sites in China, has released evidence at a Beijing trial showing that as many as 160,000 personal resumes uploaded onto its site were allegedly stolen and leaked for around 5 yuan (70 US cents) apiece, according to a Sina report.

Following the evidence being heard at court, Zhilian said in a statement on Tuesday night that user data is the company’s “lifeblood” and reaffirmed that protection of user information is its core responsibility.


The company first reported the case to police in June 2018 as it found users’ information had been traded on Taobao, Alibaba’s e-commerce website, Zhilian said in the statement. Two staff from the Zhilian’s Shanghai bureau were then arrested by police two months later in August.

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