17 Hungarian websites hacked and defaced for #opblitzkrieg

opblitzkrieg has been going for some time now, its an operation that is attempting to expose and attack all the nazi based sites across the internet. today they have releaed a file with 17sites in it that have been hacked and left defaced.waffen-ss List of sites that have been defaced are all Hungarian and all sport the same defacement,.

  1. https://hunterss.uw.hu
  2. https://worstnightmare.uw.hu
  3. https://asgaird.uw.hu
  4. https://hunorzenekar.uw.hu
  5. https://bloodandhonour.uw.hu
  6. https://hitlerjugend.uw.hu
  7. https://adolfhitler.uw.hu
  8. https://hitlerrol.uw.hu
  9. https://hitler.uw.hu
  10. https://ronaldmchitler.uw.hu
  11. https://n88.uw.hu
  12. https://d88.uw.hu
  13. https://skinheadinfo.atw.hu
  14. https://atw.hu
  15. https://n88.uw.hu
  16. https://division88.uw.hu
  17. https://waffensstk.uw.hu

The defacings was all live at time of publish. https://pastebin.com/x5s1mh3R

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