18,800 Colorado State Workers Wrapped Up In Data Breach

Jeanne Price reports:

Nearly 19,000 Colorado state workers—both current and former—could have identity protection concerns after a state worker lost a USB or thumb drive containing their personal data including Social Security Numbers (SSN).

“A state employee lost the drive while transporting it between work locations. There is no indication that this information has been misused or stolen,” a press release from the Governor’s Office of Information Techology (OIT) stated.

“The electronic file contained names, Social Security numbers and some home addresses of approximately 18,800 state personnel.

Read more on idRADAR.com.

Because the state refused to provide a copy of the individual notification letter, if any of my readers is the unlucky recipient of the notification, please email me a copy of the notification letter (breaches[at]databreaches.net). Thanks!

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  1. Emily - December 18, 2013

    I didn’t receive the letter, but my mom did. It gave no information about how the info was lost. You have waaaay more info than the employees received. It just basically said, “Sorry, your SSN and address have been lost. Email us if you have questions.” There wasn’t even a date on the letter.

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