18yo Israeli Man, Arrested and held for using stolen credit cards from 0xOmar

content/images/gallery/random2/il.gif 0xOmar, the hacker who spent months hacking Israeli banks with one clear intention, to cause mass disruption for the banks and Israeli’s. Last week 0xmar released few lots of credit cards that amounted to over 400k, and since then it has caused anger on many sides of the world, Israel now is now treating cyber threats as terrorism, much like america. What 0xOmar set out to achive is slowly happening, major banks have started to fuss, the Israeli government has announced that "has done us a favor." and worst of all, a silly 18yo Man has now possibly ruined his future due to greed. On An 18-year-old man from northern Israel was arrested on Sunday morning on suspicion of using credit card numbers published by 0xOmar, Police state the man had spent money from various different cards to by goods offline which he was awaiting. The goods, which show pure greed, was a home cinema system, a Samsung Galaxy 2 cell phone, and a tablet computer. The man was caught following cooperation between the credit card company and the fraud department of the northern district police, which really is no suprise, anyone could of told this kid that this was going to happen. The Man was arrested as a policeman pretended to be a delivery man, and brought the man goods that he had purchased with the credit card numbers. When he accepted the goods in questions, he was detained by a number of policemen and taken in for questioning, fairly sly way of getting the man to admit he had done what he did. So really let this be a lesson to anyone who is willing to use stolen credit cards, be aware, very aware. Police will try to extend his detention at a hearing in the Magistrate’s Court in Acre on Monday.

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