1st Class Media Hacked, Client Credentials Leaked by @r0gu3An0n

website-design-web-application-development-services-from-1st-class-mediaAn Anonymous hacktivist who uses the handle @r0gu3An0n has announced a dump of data that comes from a UK based web design SEO, database solutions and hosting company 1st class media (https://www.1stclassmedia.co.uk) and the attack has seen pretty much all of their high profile client websites being hacked and having data leaked. Some of the emails belong to administration accounts for various other websites.  As far as we can see these are the main sites affected are https://www.1stclassmedia.co.uk/ – (archive), https://www.jbt.co.uk –  (archive), https://www.elisa.co.uk – (archive), https://www.omega.co.uk – (archive), https://www.sestran.gov.uk – (archive). There is many other smaller and minor websites that have had credentials leaked as well. The attack was announced via @r0gu3An0n twitter account > r0gu3An0n ‏@r0gu3An0n @Cyber_War_News for teh #LULZ all their base belong to mehttps://www.anonpaste.me/anonpaste2/index.php?b1dd20fe1e6afb3c#pJSB+BKA8nUEgLZttLyG/UZfGnp6jRV5v6GLt4UpoIQ= …

The leaked data has been posted to anonpaste.me and contains well over 3500 emails, most of which are just contact details or mailing lists and  the following short message.

so 1stclasslmedia…U dun a first class job with security…bwahahaha NOT try closing a couple of those ports…so many wide open…try fixing the SQLi vulns…haha sssoooo many to choose from I got bored with all teh crap i dun dumped from these tools.. do wutevr U want with it

This really goes as a decent example of why shared hosting is failing every day and also shows that no matter how well a company presents itself it still has a chance of failed development and leaving exploits open which allow attacks like this to happen. More of a worry is the fact they charge clients a decent amount of money to setup and control websites and web services yet they do not seem to implement proper security. If we have learned anything from the past its that company after company are continuously proven to be unsecure yet they get away with this and the hackers are the ones facing trouble. Statistics of overall emails found in leak: If you fear your account details or websites have been compromised consider using ozdc.net to search and confirm if this is the case.

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