2 further sites + Electoral Reform Twitter hacked by @SatanSec

@SatanSec is proving itself to be jokers with a few sites now defaced with jokes being put in place of the original websites. The first sites appeared last week and that was the tooting south medical center in united kingdom as well as other two sites. Today they announced a further two sites that have been defaced with joke pages. The announcement has come from the @SatanSec twitter account and the two sites that got breached today are www.having-a-midlife-crisis.com and www.capitalcitytraining.com. The deface on having-a-middle-crisis.com was announced first with the following message being put on its site in a new html page named welcome.html. The main site will redirect you to that page after a short period of time.

Stop Crying Start Flying! Sorry but we can’t fix your old and crusty dry turd of a life, but we can provide you with top quality drugs of all varities to help you solve the problem of giving a fuck in the first place! All the therapy hours in the world can’t do a damned thing about the attrocious state of things and the layers of apathy you have clothed yourself in are pretty much there to stay. We can get you so high you won’t even know where you are, let alone remember the years of misery you’ve just ground through, and the minimum 20 more to come. Call us on UK FreeFone number 0800 77 66 00 and place you order NOW! Our discreet operatives all of whom are called Frank will have your gear delivered to you in a few hours so try and keep your shit together a bit longer you soft cunt. First shipment half-price with WebCode "SATAN"

The attack on https://www.capitalcitytraining.com/ was announced shorty after and only contains the below image as the main page index. Also yesterday satansec managed to get control of electoral-reform.org.uk twitter account @ElectoralReform after the administration had a weak set password. The attack left the twitter feed with bit of colorful language and much hate from a lot of the electoral-reforms followers. electoralreform Deface Gallery see more satansec attacks

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