2 More Australian websites hacked and user data leaked

This week already we have seen one Australian website hacked and as a result data was leaked by Spexsec and now a further two Australian websites have been hacked and the attack has been carried out by and data has also been leaked. The leak was announced via facebook on HanikoYunokawa page and uploaded to pastebin and contains minor database information as well as user accounts for both websites. The two websites that have been hacked are DKM Group (https://www.dkm.com.au/) and  HV Aluminium   (https://www.hv.com.au/). DKM Group is self claimed to be one of australia’s leading Chartered Accounting and Financial Services Firms and HV Aluminium is a company based in newcastle, NSW australia and seems to focus on making structures out of Aluminium. Both leaks have results in user accounts with the DKM leak having total of 165 accounts that contain, usernames, emails, passwords and other personal information. The HV Aluminium only contains 27 accounts that contain user ids, names, emails and passwords. All passwords are encrypted. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2312 , DKM leak results/archive https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2313, HV Aluminium leak results/archive

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