2 more large data dumps and 27 sites hacked by STK

content/images/gallery/random3/sql-dump-sqli-no-security-pastebin-com_.png Once again STK has dumped more data online in bulk format with many more websites being hacked and thousands of accounts being leaked. this brings the total of sites hacked and leaked by STK to over 130 just in a short 2 weeks, which makes it one of the biggest attacks we have covered so far. All the attacks carried out by STK are done by SQLi which shows just how many websites do not check input from forms and or urls which is just poor webmaster and administration skills. Dump 1, contains a 15 sites and 3000+ accounts with emails.

https://www.melbournemobile.com.au/ https://melcher.com/ https://www.minutemanhq.com/ https://www.molsib.info/ https://www.mopacity.com/ https://www.nhs.vic.edu.au/ https://www.mymasterynetwork.com/ https://www.mortemzine.net/ https://neilprydemaui.com/ https://www.nortoncommons.com/ https://www.no-smoke.org/ https://www.notamusica.de/ https://www.nusap.net/ https://www.ohiotofc.com/

Dump 2 contains 12 sites and 2000+ accounts with emails.

https://mediafetcher.com/ https://www.mamooinpakistan.com/ https://www.magazinedee.com/ https://london-letting.co.uk/ https://www.leadacidbatteryinfo.org/ https://www.lcoastpress.com/ https://languages.uconn.edu/ https://www.laemmle.com/ https://www.krlmania.com/ https://www.klimt02.net/ https://www.kitcars.com/ https://www.kishongallery.com/

See full statistics for the emails from our new elerts system. https://elerts.cyberwarnews.net/dumps.php?dump=157 https://elerts.cyberwarnews.net/dumps.php?dump=156

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