2 teens arrested for ddos attacks

Over the last few hours the main media has been going fairly nuts over the two teens who have been arrested for carrying out ddos attacks. Now while its still very early to say but the norway police claim the two who are 18 and 19 are main players in the recent attacks on SOCA, Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) and other local and international websites and that they are still working on getting others who played a part in those attacks. So far no confirmations have come of this information from the hacking community but from what i can see if these two are convicted they can face up to 6years in jail for simple ddos attacks. Now while ddos is effective some times, most of the time its pointless and just ends up like this. Hopefully people will learn from others mistakes and move on to using different methods of protesting.

About the author: Lee J

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