20 year-old German man, “Orbit,” has reportedly confessed to leaking politicians’ information

Kate Connolly reports:

A 20-year-old man has admitted to police he was behind one of the country’s biggest data breaches in which the private details of almost 1,000 public figures were leaked.

The man, who lives with his parents in the central German state of Hesse and is still in the education system, told police he had acted alone and was not politically motivated.

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Citing the BKA, DW reports:

Germany’s investigative police force, the BKA, says that it has arrested the hacker responsible for what is believed to be one of the largest data leaks in Germany’s history. The 20-year-old from the western German state of Hesse could now face charges of stealing and illegally publishing private data.

“The suspect was questioned on January 7 by the responsible prosecutor and BKA officials,” the BKA said in a statement. “He extensively confessed to the accusations against him and provided helpful information beyond his own crimes.”

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