200+ Sites attacked by c0delist

Anonymously submitted article: International hacker ‘c0delist’ took down at least 200+ Websites this morning over proposed privacy laws. The alleged hacker ‘c0delist’ has warned Media ‘He will continue to take attacks on these websites". The alleged attacks started from 3:30AM Thursday and Finished 10:30AM Thursday. Following websites such as; sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au regions.qld.gov.au sd.qld.gov.au dtrdi.qld.gov.au science.qld.gov.au createitmakeitliveit.qld.gov smartawards.qld.gov tourism.industry.qld.gov.au workliveplay.qld.gov.au lib.qld.gov.au These websites were down only for a certain amount of time, But they will be back down if the Government enforces these laws. Fellow anonymous hackers, Have also launched attacks on these websites, Up to 25 People has sent through Ddos attacks and SQL Injections. Mr. Hunter, James Hunter

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