20,000 Credentials Leaked from Association of Irish Festival Events

logo A hacker who was recently using the handle @DarkWebGoons has announced a leak of credentials from The Association of Irish Festival Events website (www.aoifeonline.com) after it was breached. The leak was announced on twitter and posted to the DarkWebGoons website in the format of a txt file. > aoifeonline.net #Leaked #100% By #DWG [20k credentials]- darkwebgoons.net/data/associati… @cyber_war_news @hackread @inst1nct_ — DarkWeb Goons (@DarkWebGoons) January 6, 2013

The leak comes with no real message besides one line that reads "All data will be leaked from each database one by one." which is followed by the data. The actual data contains administration credentials with encrypted passwords as well as complete database extraction. All together the leak has seen well over 15,000 accounts many of which have full credentials such as usernames, emails and passwords. Source: OZdc.net

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