20,000 Credentials leaked from Proximus Security Customer Support Site

proximus-security A Security and surveillance hardware supplier customer support database has been leaked to the public by @JokerCracker. The company Proximus Security (https://www.proximus-security.com/) provide video surveillance systems that can stream to phones and computers and appears to be based in America but the domain (proximus-securitysupport.com) that has been hacked is the support domain that contains information for support to products. @JokerCracker announced the leak over twitter and has posted the leaked data to privatepaste. > proximus-securitysupport #Hacked #leak Over 20 000 Users, Mails, Pass by @jokercracker > ow.ly/gXPgc #RT | @binushacker — JokerCracker (@JokerCracker) January 20, 2013

The leaked data comes from various tables that contain user login data such as users, hesk_users, phpc_users, customers and  gbs_customers. All the credentials from each table vary but is mostly usernames, emails and passwords and all most all the passwords have been stored in clear text in the customers table which is just pure fail in security for customers. In total over 20,000 emails have been detected. Fellow information security website Hackread.com has made note not to get this company confused with Proximus, also known as Belgacom Mobile. Attacks like can also lead to other issues for customers and the fact that a security system provider is insecure makes one wonder how secure the software they are selling with hardware is. Any customer who fear they have been breached should update and change your passwords anywhere else you may of used the email which was used on Proximus websites. archived on ozdc.net.

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