20,000 Facebooks, Hacked and Leaked By Hannibal

content/images/gallery/random3/20000-arabs-facebook-accounts-hacked-by-hannibal-pastebin-com_.png In the Warming war cyber war between Arabs and Iraeli’s has come out with another new attack that, if true to the word, will be one of the biggest leaks to date for the on going cyber war.

(For more accounts follow me pastebin.com/u/hannibal) Contact me : [email protected] I have 30 Million Emails&Passwords of Arabs. ( Every day i will post 2000-100,000 Depends on my mood ) Enjoy it And Share

The attack comes from a hacker using the handle Hannibal and the first part is part of 20,000 facebook accounts and to make things worse for them he claims to have over 10 million bank details, the truth of this is not known but we would surely like to see the proof.

A warning to the State of Iran and Saudi Arabia * In addition, I have 10 million bank accounts of the countries of Iran and Saudi Arab. If Iran continues to threaten Israel and already this week I will publish the private bank accounts and thus make them billions of dollars in damages estimated

Leak: https://pastebin.com/N8T3QY2i

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