2011: The Year of Epic Hacking

Darlene Storm has an interesting recap of some breaches in the first month of 2011 that includes a breach this blog didn’t even know about. Specifically:

In India, Domino’s Pizza database of online ordering customers was hacked. It sent a letter to customers, alerting them of the breach, yet the company sort of blew it off and considers the personal information collected by hackers to be non-confidential, by calling customers’ phone numbers, delivery addresses, and email addresses — the information breached — “not classified.” It has not commented on the number of customers affected. India has had Dominos Pizza for over a decade, noted Slippery Brick, but the online ordering system was launched late last year. The last time Domino’s Pizza of India updated its privacy policy was in 2005.

Read her article on PCWorld. And yes, this blog knew about the Mail and Guardian attack, but since no PII were reported as actually accessed or acquired, it wasn’t included here. At the present time, their site appears unreachable, so it seems like they are still under attack.

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