2018 Arrives and Apache.org Goes Offline

Today its New Years Day 2018 and already we are seeing major issues on the internet with one of the worlds most used popular websites for developers and system admins has gone offline along with a lot of its subdomains.

While conducting some research i noticed that apache.org was offline and after checking it i noticed that it was not only the main domain offline and that various subdomains are also offline, while some others such as the official apache blog and planet apache is still online and active.

The issue is starting to be reported on social media by various users who are complaing of not being able to connect to certian subdomains stating that the problem they are seeing is "no valid ip address found", in simple the domains are not resolving to any current IP address, has some one forgot to pay the bills?.

According to domaintools.com the current ip address for apache.org is which resolves to 20 domains, some off which are also offline but others like http://apachecloudstack.net/ are currently online and active. In an annoying turn of events, apache likes people to report issues with their system to the mailing lists, but due to this issue the mailing lists are not accessiable making any easy contact with the apache foundation, also considering its new years, very hard.

At time of publishing the official apache twitter account had not posted anything about this issue, i have reach out to them to find out answers.

update: the websites are now back online.

About the author: Lee J

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