216 Sites hacked & defaced by Pakistani hacker hcrack2

hacked_ A Pakistani based hacker has taken sights to 216 websites that have been left defaced after being hacked. The attacks come from hcrack2  who is supporting the "Sharp-cyber group" in his message. The defacement doesn’t really have any particular message but it shows that hackers from that part of the world are continuing to attack other countries via cyber space. The attacks are not main page defacement’s and all were still currently live at time of publishing. The sites that have been attacked range from Indian to Canadian based domains as well as some webhosting and other services have been breached to. 1. ://omegapack.in/hb.htm
2. https://maxsecure.in/hb.htm
3. https://bansalstationer.in/hb.htm
4. https://shribalajihospital.co.in/hb.htm
5. https://bajajmotors.in/hb.htm
6. https://bajajmillstore.com/hb.htm
7. https://atwtravel.ca/hb.htm
8. https://astrodiwakartripathi.com/hb.htm
9. https://ashokvijayandcompany.com/hb.htm
10. https://analysis-india.com/hb.htm
11. https://apsararestaurantandbaker.in/hb.htm
12. https://apmfgco.com/hb.htm
13. https://toletncr.com/hb.htm
14. https://terraelegance.in/hb.htm
15. https://terracitybhiwadiflats.com/hb.htm
16. https://olivehomesbhiwadi.com/hb.htm
17. https://antstationers.in/hb.htm

Rest of the defaced sites can be seen here

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