22 Israeli sites hacked and defaced

1zbxjlf A hacker using the handle AnonGhost has dumped a pastebin paste with 22 israel company’s that have been breached and left defaced. The attack is one of the most recent ones on Israel in what has been an on going attack from hackers from around the world ever since the end of last year when Israel forces started shelling Gaza again. The sites that have been hacked are all company’s from Israel with a few of them being high profile company that do contract work for the governments. The defacement comes with a message for the government.

TTo the Government of Israel,We are watching you , we can see what you’re doing , we control you , we are everywhere. Rememeber this, The people you’re trying to step on, we are everyone you depend on. We are the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. We make your bed. We guard you while you are sleeping. We drive the ambulances. We direct your calls. We are cooks and taxi drivers, we are everyone you come into contact with on a daily basis. We know everything aboutyou. We process your insurance claims and credit card charges. We control every part of your life. Together we stand against Israel. We are anonymous. We are Legion.United as ONE. Divided by zero. We do not forgive Injustice.We do not forget Oppression. We are coming soon to release Gaza Expect us ^_^ "We are AnonGhost, We are legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us."

At time of publishing some of the sites had been restored but others were still defaced. Mirrors of AnonGhost defacements can be found here Source: Pastebin

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