2316 Reasons why Assad is finished, #OpSyria leaves Government websites with a message

Operation Syria has taken another step and now defacing more government websites. This defacing is not anywhere like your normal defacing. It has had time and effort put in to creating this template and the information with the defacement is strong and gets the word across. So far this is the best defacement i have ever seen and sets the way for other hackers to live up to stylish, strong content  and not just simple plain ones. The government which now sport a map of Syria that is made up by 2316 people, all of which have suffered at the hands of Assad. As u hover each person it shows there name, age, and date of death.This is very sad to see so many people killed for no reason and also to see the person at the control of this getting away with it. Anonymous hackers have been on a mission to free the people of Syria from this trouble for some time now and in future attacks we can only expect to see them get more high scale doing more damage with more results. See a local version of the defacing here Screen shots orginal: content/images/gallery/random2/palmyra-the-world-stands-with-you.png English: content/images/gallery/random2/palmyra-the-world-stands-with-you.png sites defaced so far, more to come. https://tartous-city.gov.sy/ https://deirezzor-city.gov.sy/ https://palmyra-city.gov.sy/ https://homs-city.gov.sy/ https://aleppo-city.gov.sy/ https://latakia-city.gov.sy/ https://old-damascus.gov.sy/

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