24 Pakistan Government Sites Exposed For Common Passwords

pakistan-gov_ A hacker who uses the handle Godzilla or G.O.D has posted to pastebin on the 13th a statement which is followed by a list of Pakistani database credentials. G.O.D has carried out this attack claiming that Pakistan is supporting terrorist activities via ISI.

Pakistan is a country which is currently supporting terrorist activities through ISI, and if they regret Pakistan army and Ministry of Defense mail server backups are enough to proof how closely the are related to terrorism. Pakistan stop these activities before its too late.

The credentials belong to 24 different Pakistani government based websites and appear to come from a single server which is hosting all this information. In the release statement the hacker says that it was with the help of the government using weak common passwords across many different databases which allowed them to obtain access to them all.

There are total three admins managing the whole stuff of imp Pakistan cyber space. There is almost a common database for all the websites. The main super admin is Imran Khan and here is his encrypted hash password "96e79218965eb72c92a549dd5a330112" , I must say without you it would have been difficult for us to penetrate into the system and your common password "111111" was like a magical stick for us.

G.O.D has also stated that all the databases are a common layout.

database structure for Ministry of Defense Pakistan which is common for almost many of the database:

It appears that the Pakistan government does understand the risk to cyber attacks somewhat as G.O.D claims they were attempting to use a proxy system which is the same way they found access to the IBM servers.

Pakistan Government made a smart move by using proxy in a very tricky way. The same proxy was used to get inside the network. Pakistan uses IBM servers with Layer 2-3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module for IBM eServer BladeCenter. This switches works as a switch as well router. It uses a local ip pool of 192.168.70.* for managing the webserver. All websites are exactly identical with same database structure. And all websites are vulnerable to SQL injections (Surely defacers can give a try and success rate is 100%).

So lets break this down what has gone wrong here, – Three administrators for the complete system

  • Common and very weak set passwords for all databases

Now the sites that have been effected are 1. Government of Pakistan
2. Cabinet Division of Pakistan
3. Capital Administration and Development Division
4. Pakistan’s National Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism
5. Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (document only)
6. Economic Affairs Division of Pakistan
7. Electronic Government Directorate of Pakistan
8. Establishment Division of Pakistan
9. Ministry of Human Resource Development
10. Inter-Provincial Coordination Division
11. Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan
12. Ministry of Post
13. Ministry of Climate Change
14. Ministry of Defence
15. Ministry of Defence Production
16. Ministry of Education & Training
17. Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman) of Pakistan
18. Ministry of Housing & Works
19. Ministry of Industries and Production
20. Ministry of Information and Technology
21. Ministry of Law & Justice
22. Ministry of National Harmony
23. Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis
24. Ministry of Public Administration

So as you can see some of the most important and high profile government sections have been breached in this single attack and lets hope that some one in the Pakistan government see’s this and gets it fixed before it becomes a major problem for them. note: this attack has been copied and claimed by others but G.O.D was the first to post it here

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