Jan 012018

CWN reports:

Today a hacker who uses the twitter handle @0x55Taylor posted some screen shots of a breach that was happening at that time, since then i have spoken to them about this breach which appears to affect all users who register at thefly.com a leading digital publisher of real-time financial news between 2006 and 2015.

@0x55Taylor has shared the data they obtained from the breach which was a 2.6gb sql file named theflyonthewall.com.sql that is a complete export/dump of a mysql database. The breach it self has been possible due to another website, not related to thefly.com that had a vulnerability that allowed the hacker to access thefly.com database as well as 7 other databases that belong to other unrelated sites. The breached data contains clear text credit card numbers along with the associated names, addresses and expirys of over 27,000 of its users from 2006-2015. The leak in total contains over 100,000 user accounts but only about 27,000 of them have links to credit card details which are stored in complete clear text.

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