3 Indonesia Government Sites hacked and data dumped by Cyb3rSec Crew

Cyb3rSec Crew has been busy the past few days dumping 3 databases from different sites. The websites which are all Indonesia government websites. The data that has been leaked is admin accounts and basic database layouts. https://agroindustri.menlh.go.id/ https://pastebin.com/YqaSx1Uh https://landspatial.bappenas.go.id/ https://pastebin.com/fyv1A0in https://ktm.depnakertrans.go.id/ https://pastebin.com/wHymUfPx This continues the proof that the worlds governments need to fix shit asap and stop this from happening as most of these attacks are from very basic attacks.

About the author: Lee J

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