3 sites hacked and data leaked in Operation Venezuela by @SwichSmoke

Operation Venezuela has been going for a couple of weeks now, with SwichSmoke attacking the countries government and anything related to it, taking it offline and leaking various types of information along the way. today they have leaked 3 lots of data from 3  a few sites.

The Supreme Court of Justice

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) is the highest of Venezuela’s judicial system. As such, the Supreme Court is the head of the Judiciary of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, replacing in 1999 the Supreme Court. He is responsible for defending the order established by the Constitution of Venezuela, to balance the various powers and governing bodies, and resolve, so definitive judicial matters of great social relevance, through rulings that dictates. Therefore, and since the principal and highest court of a constitutional nature, there is no body or authority that falls on it or judicial remedy can be brought against its decisions. Its current President is Judge Luisa Estella Morales, who also chairs the Constitution Chamber of the same organ. https://pastebin.com/epYG6PEQ https://www.ula.ve/ https://pastebin.com/fmf2NJf6 https://www.funrevi.gob.ve/ https://pastebin.com/iU7tD7nB  

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