30+ Colombian Government Sites Attacked in Shared Hosting Failure

colombia_flagIt appears that this weekend has been one for dumping data in mass loads from various different websites. One of the more recent ones  that was posted on the 2nd was 32 Colombian government websites that have been breached and had credentials published on pastebin. The hack comes from hacker using the handle @Ur0b0r0x and was announced on twitter. > Ur0b0r0x ‏@Ur0b0r0x 32 SITES GOVERMENT COLOMBIA HACKED BY @UR0B0R0X#LEAKS https://pastebin.com/wnpY36Pa  #Colombia #Hacked #Leaks#Antisec #Security #Infosec #Hacking

The breached websites are all government based and there is a very common email and password combination that appears to be used on almost every single one. It also appears that shared hosting may be the main issue here as most of the sites are hosted on the same IP and server. All the breached sites statistics can be seen here on ozdc.net https://ozdc.net/[email protected] https://pastebin.com/wnpY36Pa

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