300 Israeli Sites Hacked And Defaced by Turkish Hackers

content/images/gallery/random3/slyhacker.png Turkish hackers have started to join the middle east cyber war that has been brewing over the past couple of weeks. the hackers who are using the handle SLYHACKER has uploaded a mass defacement of over 300 websites that are Israeli based to zone-h. Message in the defacing

*Hacked by SLYHACKERBy_DAVACI & Death_King & BozodayiDown with Israel & U.S. & France!*HACKER All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2006 Turkish Muslims can not be imitated.

All the sites have been allocated to a single IP which suggest this wasnt your normal type of mass defacement and more so a really easy attack where u can redirect all websites to a single file. https://zone-h.org/archive/ip= source: thehacknews.com

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