300 Sites hacked by Anonymous Pakistan

anonpk An Anonymous hacktivist from Pakistan using the handle xPerf3cti0n has breached over 300 websites leaving them all with a common message.

Dear Admin: Your website has been hacked for various reasons. We at Anonymous Pakistan beleive in free-awareness. We hack for a reason. Do not forget us, for we will be back. We are Anonymous Pakistan. Remember us. Anonymous Pakistan | xPerf3cti0n

The websites that have been breached are from USA, china, India, Vietnam, Thailand, sweden and many more. All sites appeared to still be defaced at time of publishing. Out of the few that were checked they all appear to be on different IP’s which rules out a easy shared hosting exploit but still doesn’t rule out the possibility of this being done by a common exploit in the sites front end software. o___s____________i______a___ Overall the count of breached websites is 319. Small preview of some of the sites 1. https://0349.ratiss.org/xPerf3cti0n.html
2. https://0476.cn/xPerf3cti0n.html
4. https://2tne.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
5. https://2winvalve.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
6. https://2winvalve.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
7. https://58gd.cn/xPerf3cti0n.html
8. https://58gd.cn/xPerf3cti0n.html
9. https://aildm.com.au/xPerf3cti0n.html
10. https://aimatfinans.se/xPerf3cti0n.html
11. https://aimatfinans.se/xPerf3cti0n.html
12. https://algchinasolutions.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
13. https://alps-prototype.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
14. https://anew.u8.to/xPerf3cti0n.html
15. https://b2c.atipicihiphopcity.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
16. https://babvn.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
17. https://baoscable.cn/xPerf3cti0n.html
18. https://bbs.qjzqw.com.cn/xPerf3cti0n.html
19. https://bbs.sunshop.cc/xPerf3cti0n.html
20. https://bbs.xjyhl.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
21. https://bbs.xjyhl.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
22. https://behengamgroup.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
23. https://beilanjituan.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
24. https://beilanjituan.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
25. https://beilanqiye.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
26. https://beilanqiye.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
27. https://bemycio.com/xPerf3cti0n.html
28. https://bengchuang.org/xPerf3cti0n.html
29. https://bengchuang.org/xPerf3cti0n.html
30. https://bengchuang.org/xPerf3cti0n.html
31. https://bj-sunpower.com/xPerf3cti0n.html Complete list of sites can be found on pastebin

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