3,000 “Saudi’s” Details leaked by 0xOmar

Now, not 100% sure if this is the same 0xOmar as before but a pastebin paste Well i better fix that, sorry for the misinformation (no excuses i should get it right the first time) Last night i published this with the above crossed out line which was wrong, this attack has been carried out by An Israeli named 0xOmar is trolling the name of 0xOmar, and on the 22nd has leaked a further 3000 accounts which of 2500 are valid. The leak is claimed to be from a dating website, which one we are un sure of so far but will attempt to find out.

https://pastebin.com/u/0xOmer Contact me: [email protected] Second Time: FREE Saudis People Details! emails & passwords Included!!! * The emails and the passwords took from a social networking for important peoples in Saudia - mabye the passwords dont work on the emailfacebook – but you can try, Im sure it match at least 1,000 details work! * The details took from Dating WebSite :) * Here a list of ~2,000 Saudis People Details! I have more than 7,000,000 Saudis People Details, Its 11.5% from Saudis population!!! (I remind you that I have more than 800,000 Credit Cards numbers ;) If Saudis Hacker continue with the "CyberWar" – I will promise to continue too. If they stop – I will stop too! I can continue all my life! 0xOmar disappeared from the world! I wish all the arab`s hackers too…

The leaked data contains usernames, passwords and other personal information. https://pastebin.com/P77Rk2QW

Results Vaild Emails found: 2,503 Duplicate Emails found: 234 Hotmails:1,299 LiveMail:113 Gmails:266 Yahoos:763

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