30,000 California patients notified of burglary

The burglars broke in, but did they take anything? 23ABC reports that 30,000 patients of Kern Medical Center are being notified that burglars broke into a storage container where patients’ paper billing records were stored. The records contain patients’ confidential information including names, addresses, date of births, insurance providers and social security number.

“There’s no indication the purpose of the break in was to steal personal information and generally people who want to steal information for fraud do it in electronic format, such as computers, not paper format like that. There’s no indication any records left the premises,” said Hensler.

But as a precaution, KMC sent out notices to 30,000 patients or former patients informing them about the burglary and recommending that a fraud alert be placed on their credit files to avoid any identity theft.

The burglary reportedly occurred two months ago.

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