300,000+ Accounts and details leaked from Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing

The Middle east cyber war has taken another turn with a new data leak that is said to contain over 300,000 details of members, contact messages, and more. The leak comes from the hacker claiming to be 0xOmar who has the pastebin account username 0XO. The leaked data has come from 2 different sites which have been hacked and they are  www.moch.gov.il & www.tarbut-hadiur.gov.il. The leak was announced via twitter content/images/gallery/random3/69-twitter-home.png In the leak also comes a message which can be seen below.

Message to the "Chosen People": Do you know why you are called "Chosen People"? Because you have been chosen to be enslaved by the Egyptians and Babylonians, destroyed by the Assyrians Romans, exterminated by Nazis… And now humiliated by a kid! You must make sure that you will never live in peace as long as you continue to make conspiracies, fueling wars, spreading evil in the world, creating terrorist organizations… You will never know the peace as long as you are occupying and jailing another nation, so stop your silly dreams, and start thinking of reality…

the leaked data has been uploaded in many places and will take some time to go through. https://pastebin.com/NZVGFrcb

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