30,000,000 Emails Accounts hacked by Hannibal Part 3

Part three of the 30,00,000 email accounts that are in the process of being leaked, in the notes you can see that he has made statements to the media about the amount of email accounts and that it is in fact 30million not 30thousand.

Hi Unfortunately much, I’m very nervous today. What the hell is this shit, I publish emails tens of thousands of Arabs and Muslims around the world, this is the thanks I get? I ask you, spread this link address to a forum site, some media outlets. More knowledge annoyed me is that media in the country of Israel as YNET, MAKO, etc write i hacked about 30,000 instead of 30 million emails. This is their huge mistake (Maybe the fail of 2012 ). I’ve got 30 million Emails ! 30 million e-mails! 30,000,000 emails ! You Jews, Israelis, are requested to publish the list of hacked emails at any hole on the Internet to spread awareness. Do not get me wrong, I love Israel. _____________________ Also, I have details of 10 million bank accounts of Arabs from Iran And Saudi arab who are only available to me. If Iran will worsen the security situation I will have to publish them and thereby harm them of billions of dollars in damages. _____________________ Today, I continue the tradition and my promise, about 2,000 Facebook and email accounts of Muslims and Arabs. A new list from the oven: D Go Jews and israelis, begin to destroy them! Enjoy it! Do not forget to distribute the list of emails in any source, ranging from Facebook to the forums. Download links —– https://www.megaupload.com/?d=8G213VDX https://www.uploadking.com/87NN2BFH8W https://www.uploadhere.com/9P7P60BKT0 https://depositfiles.com/files/qr09c960p https://hotfile.com/dl/141940776/8cf1e10/15.1.12.txt.html https://www.filesonic.com/file/POwXJyU https://www.wupload.de/file/2642852497/15.1.12.txt

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