34 more india sites hacked and defaced by Bangladesh Cyber Army

content/images/gallery/random3/capture_6.png Bangladesh Cyber Army have posted another list of sites from India that have been defaced with strong demands and graphical images that are related to the on going border wars and other wars they are having each and every day. In the past we have seen thousands of sites so far that have been defaced but these ones so far leave the strongest message.

=> Stop hacking Bangladeshi websites and stop all types of access to Bangladeshi Cyber Space completely… => Stop killing innocent Bangladeshi citizens at BD-India borders… => Stop Tipaimukh Dam… => Sign the "Teesta Water Sharing Treaty"… => Either stop broadcasting of Indian Media in Bangladesh or let Bangladeshi Media enter India… => Stop all Anti-Bangladesh activities of BSF and punish all offenders for their deeds against Bangladesh… => Last but not the least, India has to stop all activities which go against Bangladesh in any possible way…

  1. https://11thhour.in/files/images/
  2. https://vizagnet.co.in/files/images/
  3. https://cooltranslators.com/files/images/
  4. https://ignitedi.com/files/images/
  5. https://vedantenterprises.co.in/files/
  6. https://iitjeechem.in/files/images/
  7. https://dbcs.in/files/images/
  8. https://vinuts.in/files/images/
  9. https://rutbro.com/files/images/
  10. https://ssolabs.com/files/images/
  11. https://inget-in.com/files/images/
  12. https://free-soft.in/files/images/
  13. https://mishacrafts.com/files/
  14. https://saiushadental.in/files/images/
  15. https://enoch.co.in/files/images/
  16. https://autogastech.com/files/images/
  17. https://aiom.in/files/images/
  18. https://payschoolfeesindia.in/files/
  19. https://digitechinfosys.in/files/images/
  20. https://eigerconsulting.in/files/images/
  21. https://gangaputra.in/files/images/
  22. https://kuchibhottlla.in/files/images/
  23. https://dkucorporatesolutions.com/files/images/
  24. https://delices.in/files/images/
  25. https://srm-ncetca.com/files/images/
  26. https://smtours.in/files/images/
  27. https://bsrinivasrao.in/files/images/
  28. https://hamaribat.com/files/images/
  29. https://anandcomputer.co.in/files/images/
  30. https://illok.in/files/images/
  31. https://Digitalmediafreak.com/files/images/
  32. https://etherealpictures.in/files/images/
  33. https://sarvajit.co.in/files/images/
  34. https://amruth-mrityunjay.in/files/images/

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