4 hacked sites from @CMDL1NE & Military Personal details by @stramble

@CMDL1NE made a quick appearance today, with 4 sites, yeah tiny dump for them for once. The styles come in the style normal of database details and leaked onto pastebin, Sites: Macrotesting https://macrotesting.com/ https://pastebin.com/Rq9URZKW Mobilee Consultancy – Kracht in verandering https://mobilee.nu/ https://pastebin.com/xcmgnqrn https://pccnederland.nl/ https://pastebin.com/3g1eja7Q Schweizerische Vereinigung für die Berufsbildung in der Logistik https://svbl.ch/ https://pastebin.com/LstZrfQ9 Also @stramble has leaked a list of Military Personal, emails, fax, phone, name etc… sorry got you’re hopes up won’t be linking this one.

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