40+ Israel & 40 Government Sites Hacked by @Teamr00t

teamroot_global_resistance Over the past week @Teamr00t has been going on a defacing spree leaving many government sites hacked and defaced and now leaving a bunch of Israeli sites hacked and defaced. The attacks have been announced on the groups twitter page and posted to pastebin with a list of 40+ websites which have been breached. > 44 Gov Websites HaCked bY Teamr00tpastebin.com/kpZNJiVJNo Stop HaCking twitter.com/Teamr00t/statu… — Teamr00t (@Teamr00t) December 7, 2012

43 Websites of Israel HaCked bY Teamr00tpastebin.com/UivkFkWgFree Palestine — Teamr00t (@Teamr00t) December 7, 2012

The Israeli based sites that have been breached have been in the name of the on going #Opisrael which has been going for some weeks now. At time of publishing a lot of the sites had been restored but most likely have no been fixed from the exploit that allowed the breach. Mirror of the Israel sites breach points to a single ip which shows that shared hosting is a pure fail. All of teamr00ts deface archives can be found here.

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