40 Zimbabwe government websites defaced by ISCN

Today a group going by the name of ISCN has hacked and left 40 Zimbabwe government based websites a little bit different then they was before. Now this defacing doesn’t have anything really special about it besides the point that once again so many government websites have been breached. These governments which most of us trust to help "guide" us through life can not even look after themselves properly. The defacing which leaves a common msg

Owned By Mormoroth Fuck All Arabz PersianGulf Forever We are : Mormoroth – 4shir – M4gicb0y Iranian Hackers Dont fuck with us https://facebook.com/ISCNTEAM

Has been removed from pretty much all the sites by now but you can find them here along with 800+ previous defacement’s.

About the author: Lee J

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