4,056 Claimed Freemasons personal details Leaked By .c0mrade

.c0mrade has just leaked a list of over 4000 personal which is said to be of freemasons. In the leak comes a short message which gives a short insight in to the reasons behind this attack.

Hello, Wastemen. The primary reason for this intrusion was to expose Freemasonry. If you take a quick glimpse at this list of fine art, you’ll notice that there are various agents who are prescribed to the Masonry act. We don’t find that acceptable, at all. We don’t like Freemasonry, but we aren’t ignorant to the extent where we don’t realize its importance. They practically built this fine country of ours. Behind all this, there’s thousands, and thousands of secret operators the Government is running behind our back. Knowledge is free, and as citizens of the U.S, I feel that our nutrition should be that of knowledge. Get in, fuck it all up, clean up after yourself and leave. Expect much, much more very soon.

At time of publishing we are currently unaware where these accounts have come from, but we have already processed them. The personal information that is in the leak contains first/last name, telephone numbers, emails, address’s and other personal information. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=1940 https://k005.kiwi6.com/hotlink/501e49u2r3/freemasons.txt

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